Replace Pen & Paper for the NEXT Generation using ‘Technology for the Technology Age’

Is time efficient. Copes with large numbers. Shares results. Combines criteria & outcomes. Comment bank also available. Video capture teaching & pupils performance.

Replaces Pen & Paper. Assesses all learning. Touch Screen Technology. Rates performance based on observation of skill & technique.


Assessment is

System copes with
large numbers

Shared Profile in
various forms

Combines assessment criteria with learning outcomes

What Is DAD Performance Analytics Program?

Emergent innovative curriculum assessment, teaching and learning in response to new knowledge. State of the art touch screen technology and changing disciplinary direction.

What can be assessed using DAD Performance Analytics Program?

Assessment of any task regardless of discipline or context. Add Every profile (disk) has individual comment and optional video capability. Each criteria observable and rated Levels 1-4. Absolutely any learning outcome.

Touch screen technology

Touch Screen Technology


Assessment Storage, Retrieval & Sharing

Personalised comment

Personalised Comments

Convenient Save Time

Saves Time

Comprehensive system


Assessment Process

  • Construct Individual Profile, Photograph, Pupil (Teacher) Details.
  • Video Lesson Activity Construct Learning. Performance Profile Present Results, Develop Action Plan.

Assessment Options

  • Basic Profiling (Video capture in the report).
  • Pre and Post Intervention Profiling
    (More comprehensive report/number of disks).
  • Advanced Profiling
    (One-on-one –personalised program).

Who Can Use DAD Performance Analytics Program?

Anyone Interested in Improving performance, who assess and want "Quick Reliable Assessment at their fingertips".

Assessment is central to performance and impacts significantly on performance.

Go to your area of interest or specialty.

when can DAD Performance Analytics Program be used

  • Every stage of assessment and learning.
  • Convenient assessment providing personalised feedback.
  • Eventual formulation learning plan to remediate or challenge performers
  • Add to Benchmark and standardize assessment.
  • Create store and recall every assessment incident.

why use DAD Performance Analytics Program? (DAD's Process)

  • Comprehensive, Convenient, Fast, Permanent & Simple Assessment.
  • Assessment Across All Ages and Learning Areas .
  • Detailed Assessment Impacts Positively on Performance.
  • Teachers comment bank readily accessible.
  • Many Academic Subject Disks & Teacher Education/Pedagogy Disks Also Available.
  • No other current assessment system matches DAD Performance Analytics Program for ease & Speed.
  • Profile all you pupils individually and have performance details are immediately stored and available for review.
Digital Assessment process

Rewards of using DAD Performance Analytics Program

  • Pupils (& Teachers) can be profiled accurately using observable competency levels.
  • All performance detailed, stored & reviewed immediately.
  • Post assessment personal individual plans can be constructed.
  • Improve accountability tracking of performance
DAD Assessment System
  • Immediate convenient communication with teachers, pupils, parents & governing bodies.
  • Improve learning/teaching through better recording of the processes.
  • Prompt Service-Instant Results.

What Are Digital Disks?

OVER 1000+ CONSTRUCTED DISK AVAILABLE (specially constructed, covering over 5000 assessment criteria) OR CONSTRUCT YOU OWN DISK AVAILABLE to suit any level age performance Provision of feedback for improvement based on leveling and analysis of performance.

Over 650 disks (with over 5,000 assessment criteria) already constructed sports coaching physical education. On request disks will be constructed to specification contact DAD Performance Analytics Program administration.

DAD Performance Analytics Program's outcomes

  • Quick assessment data, personal profiles, easy to store, review and share.

What are DAD Performance Analytics Program Levels?

  • Levels can be attributed scores to suit many marking framework.
  • Meaning to simple levels can be multi-dimensional/functional.
  • Instructional Content for easy reference applicable to variety of performance and age levels.
  • Compliments current authority system Data bank comments can be implemented Individual commentary can be conveniently added.
  • Every profile can have individualised personalised comment inserted.
Level Graph
Digital Assessment Disk


  • Embedded video
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Construct your own profile (disks)
  • Different video options
  • Customise current disks

Compare & Contrast

Having completed the first assessment (1st time), it is possible to reassess (2nd time). Side by presentation of the 2 disks promotes comparison and discussion of rating and % scores.

assessment ipad app

Construct your own disks

Although, there are currently over 650 disciplines (Academic, Sports, Human Resource), you can now create your own "customized disks" to suit your own context. Follow the instructions.

Digital Assessment Disk

30 Days trail available

  • Assessment disks start from $39.99
  • Category Bundles
  • Multiple User Licenses
  • Training Courses
  • Regular Function Updates
Free assessment disk
Digital Assessment Disk

Training courses can be arranged. Refer to DAD Performance Analytics Program videoPlay