why use DAD Performance Analytics Program? (DAD's Process)

  • Comprehensive, Convenient, Fast, Permanent & Simple Assessment.
  • Assessment Across All Ages and Learning Areas .
  • Detailed Assessment Impacts Positively on Performance.
  • Teachers comment bank readily accessible.
  • Many Academic Subject Disks & Teacher Education/Pedagogy Disks Also Available.
  • No other current assessment system matches DAD Performance Analytics Program for ease & Speed.
  • Profile all you pupils individually and have performance details are immediately stored and available for review.
Digital Assessment process

Rewards of using DAD Performance Analytics Program

  • Pupils (& Teachers) can be profiled accurately using observable competency levels.
  • All performance detailed, stored & reviewed immediately.
  • Post assessment personal individual plans can be constructed.
  • Improve accountability tracking of performance
DAD Assessment System
  • Immediate convenient communication with teachers, pupils, parents & governing bodies.
  • Improve learning/teaching through better recording of the processes.
  • Prompt Service-Instant Results.
Touch screen technology

Touch Screen Technology


Assessment Storage, Retrieval & Sharing

Personalised comment

Personalised Comments

Convenient Save Time

Saves Time

Comprehensive system


Assessment Process

  • Construct Individual Profile, Photograph, Pupil (Teacher) Details.
  • Video Lesson Activity Construct Learning. Performance Profile Present Results, Develop Action Plan.

Assessment Options

  • Basic Profiling (Video capture in the report).
  • Pre and Post Intervention Profiling
    (More comprehensive report/number of disks).
  • Advanced Profiling
    (One-on-one –personalised program).

Please note that you can construct your own disk. Get free disk here. Sporting National Governing Boards, Schools,
Clubs can have specific disks constructed.