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Synchronisation Function

It is now possible to share profiles across multiple devices :

E.G. In the class training situation the profile generated on one device will be shared on other devices registereresigertedd to the same email so that multiple profiling can take place.

However if sychrosuycornisationnisation is not required this functioncan be turned off.

In this way the Coach, Teacher, Manager can store and review all data as required

Assessment Storage


Video clips are notoriously bulky and take up much space it is suggested once an assessment episode is complete that you regularly review and wipe any outdated videos and or store in dropbox or in the cloud to prevent your device from becoming overloaded.


Language Option

It is now possible to opt for a number of language including English, Chinese, Spanish Italian, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Malaysian and Hokkien.


Specific Assessment Outcome Function

When assessing large numbers it now possible to elect an observable assessment criteria and draw up class ot team list so that outcmae can be levelled without haveing to close the profile thus saving time


Assessment Disk Display

When assessing is possible to click on assessment disk so only specific assessment criteria (performmance cues) appear thus assisting with ease and focus of assessment

Profile graph

Alternative Horizontal Bar Graph Profile

If required there is an option to select a bar chart profile to replace the circular disk

Attendance Graph

Attendance Graph

Class and team attendance can be viewed and shared

Comment Bank

Comment Bank

When assessing it is now possible to select comment from a large set of comments available with the application which you can filter based on different categories, types and attributes. You can mark any available comment as favourite or can create your own comment.

Upcoming Functions



Enlarge screen function, Strobe Motion, Slow Motion, I Min, 2 Mins and 3 Mins time options, Stop/Start function for filming

Outcome Function

Discrete User Applications

Coach, Teacher Manager


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Sports Assessment Disk

Sports Disks

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Alpine Skiing




Cross Country Skiing




Handball Ice Hockey



Speed Skating

Synchronised Swimming

Competitive Swimming

Ultimate Frisbee

Water Polo

Water Skiing


Combat Sport (Boxing, Judo, Karate, Tweakondo etc)


Movement skill (your suggestion any ideas on criteria???)

High Board Diving


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