• To identify and develop talented and gifted youngsters and provide extending and challenging core skills programs based on a developed advanced skill awards scheme. Suitable candidates will be identified and invited to attend weekly sessions (90mins) which will be held at a time that will not interfere with current club membership.
  • To cater for a new section of young rugby players who demonstrate particular talent, aptitude and attitude concentrating on fitness, skills, leadership, game scenarios, position specific analysis and tuition, mental toughness and rugby intelligence using a structured award scheme.
  • To become the breeding ground for producing the sporting champions of today and tomorrow-providing young players with access to an extension program based on specific developmental Awards Scheme.
  • To develop talented players (identified and tested using a unique awards criteria) with the skills, discipline, knowledge and attitude to succeed at their age group to eventually play rugby at the highest level to which they are capable of (to represent Singapore or the country of their birth).
  • Helping to ensure that Barbarians Rugby Center members have a balance in their lives, including school sport and preparing them for life outside school and rugby. Developing a well rounded personality-if you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.
  • End of term tour to expose players to higher level of playing (previous tours to Perth, Hong Kong) Provide opportunity for local (25%-sporting bursaries) and expatriate players to be exposed to a level of rugby not available in the Asian Region.