What is DAD Performance Analytics Program?

  • Comprehensive, Convenient, Fast, Permanent & Simple Assessment.
  • Touch Screen, video evaluation of performance regardless of activity, age, location leading to improvement.
  • Detailed assessment feedback based on analysis to impact on ability to perform.
  • Over 700 Technique Disks Coaching & Coach Education Disks also Available.
  • No other current assessment system matches DAD Performance Analytics Program for ease & speed.
  • Profile al you players individually and have performance details immediately available and stored.
Digital Assessment process

DAD Performance Analytics Program is time efficient copes with large numbers shares results combines criteria & outcomes

DAD Performance Analytics Program replaces pen & paper assesses all learning is new "touch screen technology" rates performance.


Rewards of using DAD Performance Analytics Program

  • Profile every player accurately & quickly.
  • All performance accurately detailed immediately available.
  • Construct personal individual plans Improve accountability tracking of performance.
  • Easy communication with players, coaches & parents.
  • Improve playing through better understanding of the game.
  • Prompt Service-Instant Results.
Touch screen technology

Touch Screen Technology


Assessment Storage, Retrieval & Sharing

Personalised comment

Personalized Video Comments Error Correction

Convenient Save Time

( Less Time Consuming)

Comprehensive system

Robust System

  • Construct Individual Profile, Photograph, Player (Coach) Details.
  • Video Training Session.
  • Video Games Play
  • Construct Attack Defense Profile Present Results, Develop Future Action Plan.
  • Assessment Options.
  • Basic Profiling.
  • Pre and Post Intervention Profiling
  • Advanced Profiling
  • Consultancy Details on Request

Please note that you can construct your own disk. Get free disk here. Sporting National Governing Boards, Schools,
Clubs can have specific disks constructed.