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  • This guy who created DAD Performance Analytics Program fully explains the assessment system in the video that he created- it's a really simple step by step instructional video on who, what, where and when you should use the DAD Performance Analytics Program system to assess.
  • Let me tell you it can do wonders in saving assessment time. Its original, it works and it as easy as pie!!! "assessment at your fingertips" I am no longer spending hours and hours writing reports at the end of term.
  • Assessment is ongoing it is easy to read and comes straight to the point. It no longer takes hours to complete assessment It takes a few minutes so you are free to get on with more productive things in teaching.
  • Try it out yourself so you will know exactly what I am talking about. You don't even have to pay to experiment with DAD Performance Analytics Program-just another great thing about the system.
  • Keep in mind each day you waste is a day that you could have made a massive profit in terms of teaching by using this incredible assessment system."
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Finger Tip Assessment

"The tool was used in many ways from touch screen assessment, monitoring pupil/player performance to performance management. It conveniently allows teacher and coaches to accelerate learning through easy assessment employing outcomes."

School teachers Secondary School PE Teacher and Coach-St Angus

"The "DAD Performance Analytics Program" system transformed my method of teaching and assessing and the way in which pupils learn. It sped up their learning rate."

School teachers Primary School PE Teacher

"The disks structure and flexibility are embraced in the system, which has been developed by experts in the field. The disks are fantastic tools allowing our pupils in class and players in games easily understand expected outcomes and have access to information and support material to promote accelerated learning because of accurate simple but insightful feedback."

School teachers Schoolteacher and sports coach

"DAD Performance Analytics Program" allowed me to create personalized and clear learning journey for every pupil (player), which should result in an improved, focused teaching, learning and assessment landscape. It compliments the concepts (tcTc) approach and technical support provides pupils and players with a wider range of techniques by highlighting easily observable outcomes."

School teachers Sports Coach and Teacher-Western Australia

"This form assessment appears to be the most advanced and convenient method we have experienced so far. We were able to easily assess pupils and players as they played games so we can remediate techniques and put those skills under ever increasing pressure. The preciseness of the assessment disks should provide teacher and pupil alike with a logical and comprehensive teaching, learning and assessment framework. What is really powerful is that the assessment criteria are also performance prompts"

School teachers Charlie School sport Coach, BCE School

"The "DAD Performance Analytics Program" system appears to provide the foundation and backbone of how we will assess, plan and evaluate learning across all dimensions of the PE curriculum and extra curriculum sport."

School teachers Primary PE Teacher, Nieyang School

"I know the system was prepared for sport and PE but it is relevant to any situation whereby outcomes are It is a good idea and a developing product, which is based on empowering those being assessed to take responsibility for their own learning. The support material is very useful but also the ability to add or subtract elements for assessment."

School teachers The managing director of the application development singsys

"It took time to learn how to use DAD Performance Analytics Program but it was well worth the time effort. Now we have accurate records on every pupils in the school. We can retrieve information quickly and share it with pupils, parents and other teachers quickly and securely."

School teachers Secondary School teacher

"DAD Performance Analytics Program leads to: Learning that take account of the importance of pupils motivation. DAD Performance Analytics Program delivers assessment encouraging learning that fosters motivation by emphasizing progress and achievement rather than failure. Comparison with others who have been more successful is unlikely to motivate learners. It can also lead to their withdrawing from the learning process is areas where they have been made to feel that are "no good". Motivation is preserved and enhanced by DAD Performance Analytics Program an assessment method which protects the pupils' autonomy, provides some choice and constructive feedback and creates opportunity for self direction".

School teachers Samantha Primary School Teacher

"DAD Performance Analytics Program focuses on how the pupils learn. The process of DAD Performance Analytics Program placed the learning process in the minds of both pupil and teacher when assessment is planned and when the evidence is interpreted. Pupils are aware of the "how" of their learning as they are of the "what".

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